Blog 3: Arrival Welcome

After 53 ish hours on being on and off a plane with a 27hour stopover in Frankfurt I finally arrived in Košice Slovakia with Lochlan who is on exchange from Victoria to Košice. On the other side of the second doors was my welcoming committee which consisted of the 3 exchange students on exchange from Taiwan (Kelly), Argentina (Martina (Marta/Marti)) and the final from America (Joshua/Josh), as well as my first host family, Peťo (my host dad, English is Peter)  and Erika (my host mum). The three exchange students were all holding signs saying Welcome Dominic in Slovak and my favourite also said welcome in all of the exchange students native language. 

I said goodbye to Lochlan and headed to food with everyone.  At the restaurant, which we stopped at on the way home, I came to know that about 90% of the songs on the radio are either English or Spanish for some reason.  When I say English I don’t mean our Australian top 100, I mean the American top songs. 

From the restaurant we headed off to the shops to get me a jacket (which is white and grey and I love it). Then we went to meet Eva (a Rotarian at the school I attend)  to see if I could go to school the next day (my choice). Then we headed home. We arrived in my new home and we put all my stuff in my room which is upstairs and then I headed back down to hang out with all the other exchange kids in Kelly’s room (I am staying with her as she moved early but only for two weeks then I move to my next host family).  This is when Vlado (host brother to all of us either literally or figuratively) and Bležena (my counsellor) came over and I got to meet them. It was such a good way to spend the first day especially when Marta, Kelly and I knock the slats out from under the bed because we were too heavy.  

This was the best welcome/arrival ever and this is the end of the blog.  

If you have any questions just comment and i’ll respond within the next week and if you have any suggestions on what I should write about leave those there too.

My welcome party (vitaj means welcome and the signs also say welcome in the other exchange students native tongue)
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Us exchange students and Vlado.
From left to right we have Sofi from Mexico on a short exchange for 2 months in Czech Republic but was visiting Vlado who was her brothers host brother a few years before, Kelly from Taiwan who arrived in July last year, Martina from Argentina who arrived in July last year, Vlado the host brother to us all, Anna from Brazil who was on a 1 month exchange and finally Josh from North Carolina who arrived in July last year as well. These are all amazing people.


Kim Dover

I have just read both your blogs & loved them. You write so vividly & I can see it all in my minds eye. Keep having the best time & I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.


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