Blog 2: Flights

Sorry for not uploading any blogs yet, my welcome family who I was with for the first two weeks didn’t have the best of Wi-Fi and we were always doing something which was amazing.

The first flight out of Sydney started with me waving goodbye to my parents who were already having a drink, filming me go by and Lachlan drinking like a milkshake or something waving goodbye to me. Before we took off I met a few people. The one I remember is Ella who is going to the Czech Republic. Once on the plane, all exchange students were seated right at the back of the first floor. We took off at 4:10pm Australian time and while on this flight I met Rico who is going to Bratislava and Jordyn who is going to Italy.  The flight took about 8 hours total and it was spent doing nothing but getting up every now and then and talking to friends from my district. As well as watching half of Hustlers with Henry and Jordyn and all of Ready or Not with Jordyn. We arrived in Singapore at about 9:20pm Singapore time 17/01 (12:20am AEST 18/01). 

We had about 3 hours to do whatever we wanted but we were only told that we had an hour, which was annoying because all we did was look around for 40 mins ish then we headed to our gate and waited and waited and waited for about another 40 mins before Arvend realised he lost his bag. So he and I went back to the only spot where we stopped  and that was with other exchange students. As we arrived to pick it up we saw people who were on the same flight as us and we asked the questions. “How come you aren’t at the gate” (wasn’t those words but you get the idea) that’s when we were told Ossama had gotten the times wrong and had put people in a group chat to tell them, except none of the 8 other people I was with nor I were in this group chat. So we still had another hour before we had to be at the gate so we just started to wonder around again, took some photos, got to know the other people I was with more. My group had Cornelius, Arvend, Herny, Katherine Louey, Ella, Sophie, Jeslyn and Hartley. Us guys went girls you lead us and they immediately went to a make up shop so we decided to see if we could walk to the end of the terminal before we had to head back to our gate. We walked and got three quarters there before Sophie came running after us telling us we had to turn back as we had to be at our gate in 30mins for boarding. So we turned back.

Once we got on the plane I sat between Ella and Sophie for the 13 hour flight ahead. We played a few rounds of Uno,  ate then waited ages for our food to be taken away so we could sleep. I slept for a total of 2 and a half hours, in 2 one hour sleep and a half hour in that order. That flight I watched Gemini man alone (total let down) and It Chapter 2 with Ella (again another let down).  While I wasn’t watching movies I was either looking at the screen in front of me that had how fast we were going, our altitude, our flight path and where we were in English and another language as well as in Celsius and Fahrenheit. I learnt how to read Fahrenheit which is cool. I was also just looking out the window or around the plane just at people and observing what others were doing. I also drank a ton of water.  We arrived in Frankfurt at 6:20am Central Europe Time (CET) on the 18/01 (4:20pm AEST 18/01 )

While in Frankfurt Lochlan (exchange student from Victoria who is going to Košice my final stop) and I had a 27hour stopover in Frankfurt which had us not doing much but going across the street to a small forest to look around, going out to find something to drink while forgetting our jackets, finding out if you say Cola in Europe they know what you mean, checking out the hotel, going out a one way door and getting locked on the roof (used fire escape too get down)  and then I fell asleep at 2pm (CET) and waking up at 12am (CET). At about 4am Lochlan woke up and he and I at about 5 am went exploring the roof (went out onto where the doors led) then we went to the airport at 7 for our flight at 9:50 (CET).

Once at our gate to Vienna we spoke to another dude who was on the same flight who was curious about what we were doing. Nice guy. On the Vienna flight from Frankfurt Lochlan and I sat next to an older Slovak whose daughter moved to America and will represent America in the upcoming Olympics. 

When we took off to Košice from Vienna it was pouring rain but as soon as we got above the clouds it was beautiful, and sunny and all the clouds were symmetrical. It was amazing. Right at the end while we were still above the clouds I joked about how funny it would be if we couldn’t see the ground because of the snow and five minutes later were touching the ground freaking out because there is snow and I was right, we couldn’t see the ground because of the snow (which I later found out was all ice). Then I met my host family but that’s in the next blog. 

Those were my flights and this is the end of my blog.

If you have any questions just comment and i’ll respond within the next week and if you have any suggestions on what I should write about leave those there too.

My group going to Singapore (my hand looks bad, I promise you it isn’t)
On the way to Singapore
Henry being Henry
Random statue in Singapore
In Singapore
Frankfurt airport
Shot of the garden in the middle of our hotel
Aussies being Aussie
Horror movie small forest across from our hotel (there is a house at the end)
Tram in airport
Beds in Vienna airport
Cloud coverage on our way to Košice


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