Monthly Archives: February 2020

Blog 4: School Life and The Little Things

I started school the day after my arrival, even though I could’ve had the whole first week off. I did this so I could through myself straight into the Slovak life, meet new people, not be stuck at home, also so that I could keep the agreement with Lochlan (we both agreed we would start… Read more »

Blog 3: Arrival Welcome

After 53 ish hours on being on and off a plane with a 27hour stopover in Frankfurt I finally arrived in Košice Slovakia with Lochlan who is on exchange from Victoria to Košice. On the other side of the second doors was my welcoming committee which consisted of the 3 exchange students on exchange from… Read more »

Blog 2: Flights

Sorry for not uploading any blogs yet, my welcome family who I was with for the first two weeks didn’t have the best of Wi-Fi and we were always doing something which was amazing. The first flight out of Sydney started with me waving goodbye to my parents who were already having a drink, filming… Read more »